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Graham's Surnames:

Annie's Surnames:

Annie & Graham

Last Update:October 2012
Family Members: 12,747
Average Life Span:   56 years 9 months

This is the family tree of Graham and Annie Baker.   We are continually working on it and will update these pages every once in a while with more information.  Take a look through these pages, you never know, you might be related.   If you are, then we'd love to hear from you so please send us an email and introduce yourself.

We live in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside but most of our ancestors came from the south and east of England with large contingents from Yorkshire and Germany/Austria.   You will see dates from the present ranging back to the late 1600s.

On the other hand, if you've had enough family history for a moment and want to take a break you could do worse than admire these pictures of our pets.

Back to the family tree and with personal security issues in mind we have privatised our living relatives.   And some people we have left out altogether, usually at their own request.   If you find yourself here and you'd rather you weren't, then please email us and we'll remove your details as soon as possible.

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